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Urban Reflection Series

As I was walking around Lower Manhattan on a very early Sunday morning, I turned the corner and saw this stunning reflection of 1 WTC in a nearby building still under construction. The iconic, immediately recognizable building was towering over me, yet heavily distorted and from the wrong perspective. I knew there had to be other instances of this in such a big and diverse city.

Low and behold, my suspicion was immediately confirmed. After talking a brisk walk through the Oculus, I stepped outside and was framing a shot of the Millenium Hilton, which is right across the street. After snapping the photo I noticed the ominous and lurking reflection of the Oculus in the facade of the hotel. It was seemingly taunting me from behind and I did not even know it.

I want to add more to this 'Urban Reflections' series - and I know NYC has plenty to offer; so long as I remember to look up. Perhaps an old, Art-Deco facade reflecting in the face of a modern glass high-rise?

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